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Revcord - Multi-Channel Recording

Revcord - Multi-Channel Recording

Whether you are involved in Public Safety operations or you’re interested in better managing the communications risks of your business, REVCORD has a solution for you.

Multi-Channel and Multi-Media

Record is capable of combining voice, video and text (NG9-1-1 and any other application) into a single recording.

Voice Recording Solutions is proud to be a REVCORD dealer in the State of Iowa! Revcord is simply the best voice logging value in the industry today.

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  • Multimedia recording of Voice, Video and Text (NG9-1-1 and any other application)
  • Incident Call Recreation
  • Live in Car Vid/Cam Recording
  • Cloud Based Mobile Call Recording
  • Rich User Experience
  • QA Evaluation Major Upgrade
  • Trunked Radio Integration
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Enterprise Capable
  • Live Monitor and Call Control
  • Screen Recording
  • Brilliant Streaming Video
  • Multi Tenancy
  • Non Propriety Software/Hardware


A complete high end reports application is included with every Revcord logging recorder. This rich text and graphics tool produces Excel spreadsheets, bar charts, stacked bar charts and even pie charts, driven by SQL Server, that can be modified, sorted, manipulated and even emailed directly from the screen or used by Crystal Reports.

There are two separate reports applications: one for general reporting functions and another reports application for QA Evaluation reports and all the complexities so as to provide truly useful information call handlers, supervisors and all of management.

  • Audio Recording
  • Video Recording
  • Text Message Submissions
  • Social Network Commenting
  • Email Submissions
  • Internal Screen Recording

Now you can use our the Inquire plugin to conduct your inspections, investigations, and interviews using your Andriod or iOS device while using a wireless IP connection. 

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