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Liberty Interview Recording System

Liberty Interview Recording System

The Liberty Interview Room Recording Systems allows law enforcement agencies to record interrogations and digital files from in-car dash recording devices.

The Liberty System supports multi-room recording with redaction and distortion capabilities.  Multiple video channels for a single interview recording. The system is not limited to picture-in-a-picture video overlays.

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Features Include:

  • Real Time Audio/Video Recording
  • Record Multiple Rooms On One Computer
  • ​Watermarking Plus Time & Date Stamp
  • Records In Universal Formats .PDF or WMV
  • Remote Monitoring via WAN/LAN
  • Remote Start
  • Instantaneous Playback & Transcription
  • ​Interview Room Recording Notification Light
  • Audible Alert If Not Recording
  • Wireless Voice Cue For Interrogator
  • iPAD & Droid Playback Capability
  • Audit Reports
  • ​Mute Audio Capability While Still Recording Video
  • Redaction Capability
  • Non Proprietary Hardware
  • ​Digital Signature Capture
  • Dual Screen View From One Room
  • ​Search On Meta Data, Bookmarks Or Text In File

Visit the Liberty Liberty Interview Recorder website or contact us at (319) 462-5526 to learn more.