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DigiTel - Dictation Systems

DigiTel - Dictation Systems

DigiTel is our Call-In Dictation System that connects to your pc or server via a usb port, and connects to one or more of your analog phone lines. 

You assign a PIN Number to each user to log-in with, and your user controls their dictation via their phone's touchtones to begin recording, pause, playback, and more.  Choose the line capacity of your system by the number of users you would like to be able to call into it simultaneously.  Line capacity is upgradeable. 

Your user's dictations can go to one or more of our DigiScribe Transcription Softwares, on the same pc, across your network, or via our secure FTP File Transfer Service.

  • Free Installation & Training.
  • Connects to your analog phone lines.
  • File recordings are high fidelity wav files.
  • Files tagged with Worktype and Reference Numbers.
  • Command Touchtones are selectable for each user.
  • Each User Profile is individual to allow custom settings.
  • A battle tested system with thousands in use today.

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