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Revcord - Multi-Channel Recording

Whether you are involved in Public Safety operations or you’re interested in better managing the communications risks of your business, REVCORD has a solution for you. Mul... More >

Olympus Dictation Equipment

The Leading Voice in Digital Dictation Olympus Professional Dictation products and digital voice recorders are designed to help doctors, lawyers, law enforcement, educators and... More >

Digital Dictation Software

We are a dealer of Big Hand digital dication software that empowers our clients to improve productivity, increase efficiency, better utilize resources and ultimately increase profi... More >

Liberty Interview Recording System

The Liberty Interview Room Recording Systems allows law enforcement agencies to record interrogations and digital files from in-car dash recording devices. The Liberty System su... More >

Liberty Meeting Recorder

The Liberty Meeting Recorder is designed to record and optionally stream the audio and video of meetings such as city and town councils, assemblies or any meeting where the minutes... More >

Liberty Court Recorder

The Liberty Digital Court Recorder is an audio/video recording program designed to run on a standard PC using the Windows operating system. The Liberty solution can record and play... More >

Crime Stopper - Anonymous Tip Hotline

Crime Stopper enables instant and anonymous communication between a witness and law enforcement. It records citizen’s tips and alerts law enforcement in real-time. It hel... More >

DigiTel - Dictation Systems

DigiTel is our Call-In Dictation System that connects to your pc or server via a usb port, and connects to one or more of your analog phone lines. You assign a PIN Number to ea... More >

DigiScribe - Audio Video Transcriber

DigiScribe is our audio - video transcriber that gives you foot pedal control over play/pause/rewind/f.fwd of your dictation files. It can see files on your pc, across your net... More >